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Every month Forum Members and guests gather for a Photography Field Trip. The images taken on these Field Trips are then shared at the next Forum Meeting. See the latest Newsletter for more details. Here are some most recent places that we have been.

Often members are not able to attend field trips, yet do shoot images at other events or locations. Here are some photos that members have shared.

  • American Camellia Show
  • 2017 Solar Eclipse
  • Holiday Dinner - 2017
  • San Francisco Street Photography
  • 2016 Holiday Dinner
  • Dillon Beach
  • Fort Point - 2017
  • Berkeley Thai Temple
  • San Jose Renaissance Faire
  • Obtainium Works
  • San Francisco Sand Castles
  • Tulipmania
  • Blackhawk Cars & Coffee
  • Hayward Japanese Gardens
  • Diablo Valley Radio Controllers
  • Ruth Bancroft Garden 2015
  • Magna Chrome
  • Takara Sake - Berkeley
  • James Brian Studios
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  • Lesher Center for the Arts
  • Fort Ross
  • Treasure Island
  • Treasure Island Notes by Viv Sutton
  • Town of Locke 2015
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  • Isenberg Crane Reserve
  • Middle Harbor Shoreline Park
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  • Contra Costa County Fair
  • Sonoma Hot Air Balloon Festival
  • Western Railway Museum
  • Scottish Games
  • USS Hornet
  • Everett Ridge Winery
  • Old Oakland Train Station
  • Walnut Creek Model Railroad
  • Tao House
  • Esterlina Vineyards
  • Rowell Ranch Rodeo
  • Northern California Pirate Festival
  • Berkeley Kite Festival
  • Wat Thai Fremont
  • Renaissance Faire
  • La Scala Observatory

  • Playland Not At the Beach
  • Fort Point
  • <
  • China Town
  • Year of the Tiger
  • Briones Regional Park
  • Filoli House & Gardens
  • Niles Canyon Railway
  • Ruth Bancroft Garden
  • Watsonville Fly In and Airshow
  • SS Jeremiah O'Brien
  • Fremont Thai Temple
  • Mare Island
  • Ben Krantz Studio
  • Elkhorn Slough
  • Japanese Tea Garden
  • Winehaven - Point Molate
  • Oakland Zoo
  • General Vallejo's Home: "Lacryma Montis"
  • Castilla di Amorosa
  • Fort Point 2012
  • Mt Diablo Recycle Facility
  • Golden Gate Fields
  • AT&T Park
  • Hangar One
  • Hayward Japanese Gardens
  • The Crucible
  • Ardenwood Fall Festival
  • Embarcadero Center
  • Walnut Creek Model Railroad Society
  • Pier 39 Tulipmania 2013
  • MS Cape Orlando
  • Town of Locke
  • Oakland Aviation Museum
  • Urban Ore
  • Blackhawk Automotive Museum
  • John Muir National Historic Site
  • Budweiser Fairfield
  • Great Dickens Christmas Fare
  • Rosicrusian Egyptian Museum
  • Mission San Jose
  • San Jose Flea Market
  • Galindo House and Gardens
  • Petaluma Adobe
  • Benicia Military Cemetery
  • Bay Area Vintage Baseball
  • UC Botanical Gardens
  • Elkhorn Slough Safari - 2014
  • San Francisco Zoo
  • Paramount Theatre
  • Hakone Estate and Gardens
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    Often members are not able to attend field trips, yet do shoot images at other events or locations. Here are some photos that members have shared.

    Asbury Park, New Jersey, Zombie Walk: Photos by Gene Farley
    Albuquerque Balloon Festival: Photos by Dale Hasselfeld
    New York: Photos by Dale Michelle Su
    Walnut Creek Model Railroad: Photos by Dale Hasselfeld
    Yosemite: Photos by Dale Hasselfeld
    Grand Cayman: Photos by James Rockafellow
    Kelly Park - 2016: Photos by Grant Reiling
    Cozumel: Photos by James Rockafellow
    Yosemite - Spring 2016: Photos by Michael Warwick
    St Patty's Day Parade: Photos by Michael Warwick
    Arizona: Photos by Michelle Su
    Summit Reservoir: Photos by Wayne Lawson
    Tall Ships: Photos by Patrick Page
    Mendocino: Photos by Patrick Page
    Heather Farm Egrets: Photos by Tom Donahoe
    London: Photos by Michael Warwick
    Light Painting: Photos by Michael Warwick
    New Mexico: Photos by Michael Warwick
    Jeremiah O'Brien Lighthouse Cruise: Photos by Grant Reiling, James Rockafellow, and Wayne Lawson
    Alex Taflya - Berkeley Kite Festival
    James Rockafellow - Cascade Locks, Oregon
    James Rockafellow - Belize
    Wayne Lawson - Jack London Square
    Hetta Malone - Gay Pride Parade
    Jerry Samelson - Bonaire Flamingos
    Hetta Malone - Napa Valley
    Mike McKnelly - Mare Island
    Tom Donahoe - Big Boat Races
    The Big Snow of 2009
    Kathleen Brennan - Graffiti
    Cheryl Breitenbucher - Tulip Mania
    Mike McKnelly - Views from Chrissy Field
    Michael Warwick - Skunk Train Photographer's Special
    Tom Donahoe - Fleet Week 2010
    Grant Reiling - Kelly Park Weekend
    Lynn Oakleaf - The Last Minutes of Oak Knoll Hospital
    Note: For best effect view as a slide show!
    Linda Elsdon - Heather Farms
    Michael Warwick - Yosemite and American River
    Gary Rosenthal - Wheeler, Oregon
    Clark McBride - Alcatraz and Lake Merritt
    Michelle Su - Christmas Lights, Mormon Temple
    Michelle Su - Chinese New Year Parade
    Tom Donahoe - Horse Faire at the Heather Farms Equestrian Center
    Gene Farley - Monterey
    Robert Mandell - Amgen 2012 Tour of California
    Kambiz Javdani - Red Rocks Park, Colorado
    Lorretta Clarke - Preston Castle
    Lynn Watson - Ruth Bancroft Garden
    Michael Warwick - Gay Pride Parade
    Robert Mandell - Navajo Canyon
    Nancy and Tom Donahoe - Oregon Coast
    Gary Rosenthal - Oregon
    Michael Warwick - Cal Expo
    Jeff Smith - Mare Island
    Tom Donahoe/Jerry Samelson - America's Cup Racing - 2012
    Tom Donahoe/Robert Mandell - Fleet Week - 2012
    Jim Hafft - Walnut Creek Marauders Football and Cheer
    Michael Warwick - Dahlia Gardens
    Lorraine Castillo - Alcatraz
    Lynn Watson - Napa Vineyards
    Michelle Su - Scottish Games
    Michael Warwick - Yosemite in Winter
    Michelle Su - Yellowstone
    Lorretta Clarke - Sonol Regional Wilderness
    Lorretta Clarke - Sculptured Beach
    Lorretta Clarke - Photos of Zion
    Street Photography by Lisa Franklin and Lorraine Castillo
    Michael Warwick - Gay Pride 2013
    Michael Warwick - Oregon
    Michael Warwick and Robert Mandell - Napa Mustard Fields
    Jerry Samelson - Thai New Year, Berkeley
    Michael Warwick - Windsor Balloon Festival
    Michael Warwick - Benicia State Capital
    Wayne Lawson - ARRL Field Day
    Michael Warwick - Napa Valley Grapes
    Tom Donahoe - "Bubble Net Feeding": A pod of humpbacks work together to feed on herring. While swimming below the school of herring, one whale creates a net of bubbles which causes the herring school to swim closer together. Another whale sings a song which frightens the herring causing them to form an even tighter school. Then the whale pod in a coordinated thrust lunge up through the school with mouths open, devouring the herring. The whales swim around for a bit then dive one-by-one and about five minutes later, up they come again. We saw about five episodes on a recent cruise to Alaska. We were told that humpbacks are loners and that this is about the only thing they will do as a pod. It's not a natural behavior. Out guide said that only about 50 humpbacks know how to do this.
    Wayne Lawson - Street Fairs
    Jerry Samelson - Australia
    Tom Crews - Ivanpah Solar Electric
    Ai Wei Wei -Photos by John Templeton and Mary Hardy