Azareiah Lundy

Azariah Lundy

Born: March 15, 1841 in Surry County, North Carolina

Died: November 3, 1926, in San Jose, California

Married to Isabella McKee in California on May 23, 1877

Azariah Lundy wrote in his diary that he

"Drove a team for the Ponny express co from council grove kan to fort pounnee through the indian terytory cow indians. They gave me a six mule team The team was sent to mexico to fort union first then to SantaFe then to fort in arizona then over the Country until 1863 and took my discharge at levenworth kansas and started to California on the six of may 1863."

Azariah wrote in his diary about coming to California,

"Left Missouri for Mexico July 13, 1862, got to Las Vegas August 24, 1862, went to Santife August 27, 1862. Went to Fort Craig Arizona December 25, 1862. Left Fort Craig Newers Day 1863. Left Mexico for the States March 10, 1863 got to the States April 24, 1863. Left the States for California May 4, 1863. Got to Salt Lake City July 27, 1863. Got to Red Bluff October 23, 1863. Got to San Jose November 1, 1863."

Lundy family history goes to to say, "When 17 years old, Azariah went from North Carolina to Fort Leavenworth Kansas, enlisted as a pony express rider carrying mail to and from Albuquerque, New Mexico. He arrived in California in 1863, purchased land and became one of the first prune orchard growers in Santa Clara County."

Information provided by Donald R. Tshudy, April 1997.