The Pony Express

Here is the story of the Pony Express,
How it began and how it passed the test
I don't want it's memory to lay in rest.

The mail is much, much too slow,
It was heard from the east to St. Joe,
Also to California's city of Sacramento.

The mail was carried by stagecoach rattle,
Not enough water for a steamboat's paddle,
The fastest way was by horse and saddle.

This was the answer that changed the tide,
So they gathered support from both sides,
Now at last they were ready for the ride.

They notified the newspapers press,
About their brand new future quest,
And this was the birth of the Pony Express.

The schedule was made to be tight,
Each of the horses were full of flight,
To make it they rode 10 days and nights.

Those that rode were mainly no ones son,
They carried the mail and a couple of guns,
Their weight was light so they could run, run, run.

Over the saddle was carried the mail bag,
As the wind blew at his yellow wild rag,
My horses are the best you'll here him brag.

For seventy-five miles at the beat of a hoof,
In the distance he hears the sound of a wolf,
At the end of his ride he sleeps under a roof.

I guess most wore shirts of red,
By Indians only two were killed dead,
Although there were some who took lead.

Why, I don't know but their hats were brown,
As they rode hard for the next town,
And tomorrow he'll make his turn around.

Their horses feet were light as a feather,
They rode in all types of good and bad weather,
At times their jeans were froze to saddle leather.

Then there were those that tended the stock,
They were dependable and solid as a rock,
Worked hard, friendly and had time to talk.

Some chose to forget their role,
To the Pony Express they too gave their soul,
Without them this story couldn't be told.

All the employees had to be one to trust,
And to work with each other was a must,
All of them knew the taste of sweat and dust.

Of trials and hardships they weren't strangers,
For each day was a day full of danger,
Some were later to become State Rangers.

Then along came the telegraph wire,
It spread the news faster then wild fire,
Thus causing the Pony Express to retire.

All that worked for the Pony Express had pride,
Although short lived it's fame spread far and wide,
That's just the reason today we have the Re-Ride.

Garry Burkhart

I wrote this poem my first year as a Pony rider in 1992.