James Butler Hikock

James Butler Hikock Born: May 27, 1837, at Homer, Illinois.

Died: August 2, 1876, Deadwood, Dakota Territory.

Bruce McCandels Jr James Butler Hickok, who became famous as the legendary gunfighter and lawman Wild Bill Hickok, was never a rider for the Pony Express. However, in March 1861, he was an assistant station tender at Rock Creek Station where, in a still disputed gunfight with station agent David McCanles, McCanles and three other men were killed by Hickok.

A great-great grandson, Bruce McCandles Jr, was an astronaut on the 1984 Challenger mission. He was the first man in space to conduct an extra vehicular activity, where the astronaut flies in space untethered to the spacecraft. McCandles was also on the 1990 Discovery mission that launched the ill-fated Hubbell Telescope.

There is a substantial museum, the Adams, in Deadwood, South Dakota. A Wild Bill web page is a part of the Adams Museum home page,