Known Pony Express Riders

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Josiah Faylor

Born: November 18, 1839 Hancock County, Illinois

Died: July 27, 1906 Guerneville, California

Josiah Faylor rode for the Pony Express out of the Willow Springs Station in the Utah Territory in 1860. Richard Burton passed through Willow Springs August 17, 1860, and describes it as follows, "The express rider was a handsome young Mormon, who wore in his felt hat the effigy of a sword; his wife was an Englishwoman . . ."

Josiah was married to Mary Jane Aland (born in England, October 30, 1837). She came to the United States as a Mormon immigrant in 1854. Willow Springs was very isolated and she was frequently frightened when left alone while Josiah was on his rides. When he came in from his Pony Express rides in winter, he would have icicles in his red beard. Once when the Indians were about and Mary was alone and afraid, she put hats and caps on sticks and placed these near the windows so the natives would think the men were at home. Their first child was born November 23, 1861, in Kamas City, Summit County, Utah.

Josiah and family finally settled in Sonoma County, California. After settling in Sonoma County, it is family folklore that in 1879 he and (Janice Stenger's) great uncle Sam, who was one at the time, took the train to San Francisco. Josiah supposedly put Sam on the train for home and disappeared for seven years. There is speculation that he heard of some gold or silver strike and took off to pursue that endeavor.

Information provided by Janice Faylor Stenger, April 1997.

Information provided by Janice Faylor Stenger, April 1997.