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The Pony Express Home Station frequently receives questions of general interest on the Pony Express. Here is a listing of the most recent.
This list of riders has been compiled from various sources, including accounts from people who knew riders, relatives of riders and newspapers.
The History Page is a compilation of People, Places, and Vocabulary of the Pony Express times.
Here you will find a list other riders and other routes that recognize those gallant riders who provided the communication links that helped to bind our country together.
There are a number of museums along the route of the Pony Express.
To maintain the rigid schedule, relay stations were located from 5 to 20 miles apart. The route varied locally during the 19-1/2 months of operation.
A number of statues and monuments commemorating the Pony Express in history can be found along the trail.
The spirit and memory of the Pony Express is kept alive by the National Pony Express Association by identifying, reestablishing and marking the original pony express trail.
Tales of the Pony Express is a collection of stories of the Pony Express in
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Here are some questions to test your knowledge about the Pony Express.
Here is the story of the Pony Express as published in the newspapers of 1860-1861.
While all of the books listed may not be in print, many may be available from your local library or used book store.
There have been other times and places in the world that a pony express was used in transporting mail.  Here you will find some listed.
Here you will find a listing of the maps found on this site.
Here are some special links to Pony Express and western supplies and souvenirs.
Here you will find a collection a number of other items that I would like to share with you.