Pony Express Quiz Here is a Pop Quiz on the Pony Express. If you answer the question correctly you will be whisked to a discussion on that topic. If you give an incorrect answer (AARRGG!!!), read further and try again.

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1. Nothing is left of the Pony Express trail except in the fading memories of a few old men..

2. The Pony Express was in operation for the following period of time? 3. The Pony Express ceased operations because ... 4. Wild Bill Hickok was one of the most famous of the Pony Express riders. 5. When the Pony Express started it originally ran through eight (8) states. 6. The mail was carried in 7. The first westbound rider out of St. Joseph was William F. Cody, later known as Buffalo Bill. 8. Currently there are how many Pony Express statues in the United States?

9. The Pony Express Company was started by 10. The first letters carried by the Pony Express cost

How did you do?

If you answered every question correctly the first time, you know quite a bit about the Pony Express.

Next month we will have some new questions for you to try.