Wyoming Statue

Pony Express Monument in Casper, Wyoming A new Pony Express Monument in Casper, Wyoming, was unveiled on August 15, 2001, during the OCTA convention. The statue is on the grounds of the Historic Trails Interpretive Center which will open in 2002.


At the dedication, Patrick Hearty, NPEA Trails Committee Chairman spoke about "Pony Express in History of American West." Dale Ryan, NPEA president, read the Pony Express oath. The monument was unveiled by Wyoming U.S. Representative Barbara Cubin; Mary Behren; president of the National Historic Trails Center; Sylvia Fairbanks, daughter-in-law of the sculptor; and Edna Kennell, Executive director of the National Historic Trails Center.

David Fairbanks, son of sculptor Avard T. Fairbanks, presented the statue to Al Pierson, Bureau of Land Management.

Les delivers the mail. A bugler played and then Les Bennington, President of Wyoming Division, Pony Express Association, rode in with mail. Pat Hearty was station keeper. A letter was handed to Hearty and Bennington rode off. All this was in front of the statue.

Sculptor Dr. Avard T. Fairbanks, created the sculpture. He also did statues at Stateline, Nevada, and Salt Lake City, Utah. The original of this statue was created in plaster for parades during the 1947 Utah Centennial. In the early 1990s, the descendants of Avard Fairbanks had the sculpture cast in bronze.

Information and photographs provided by Jackie Lewin, August 2001.