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This list of books was originally researched, in part, by Larry Carpenter, Corresponding Secretary, National Pony Express Association. My thanks to Larry for his worthwhile efforts.

While all of the books listed may not be in print, many may be available from your local library or used book store.

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Jackie Lewin, Curator of History for the St. Joseph Museum, has provided the following analysis for researchers. Thanks for her contribution.

The most complete books on the Pony Express are by Raymond & Mary Settle and Roy Bloss. However, neither are annotated which is frustrating for a researcher. Settle does have a good bibliography. From Settle's papers he did have footnotes prepared, but the editors chose not to use them. They wanted to make the book more popular with the general reader. Settle was not pleased with that. Settle wrote in the mid-1950s and was the first to use the Waddell Collection at the Huntington Library, San Marino, California. Bloss wrote for the Pony Express Centennial.

NOTE: Settle also wrote The Story of the Pony Express which was published in England. This the same book as Saddles and Spurs with some differing illustrations. Most importantly is does have an index. Unfortunately because of the different layouts between the two versions it is not possible to apply the index from The Story of the Pony Express to Saddles and Spurs.

One of the first books to be written on the Pony Express was by William Lightfoot Visscher in 1908 - The Pony Express, A Thrilling and Truthful History. It is written in the style of the times - lots of opinion.

The next to write was Glenn Danford Bradley in 1913. He adds some good information.

The next major book was in 1932 - The Pony Express: The Record of a Romantic Adventure in Business by Arthur Chapman. It too, adds information and is pretty good for not having available some of the information Settle had.

If you just want to read about the Pony Express, Settle would be my choice. If you are doing serious research, you would want to look at the total picture.

Some of the most recent books about the Pony Express are:

Joseph J. DiCerto has written the latest book relating the history, legend and lore of this most remarkable venture. In The Saga of the Pony Express. Di Certo covers all of the requisite areas of historical interest: the Founders, the Route, the Stations, the Riders, the Historical Significance, and the Financial Problems. He has taken steps beyond just a recitation of known facts and fiction and has gone to great lengths to place the Pony Express within the historical context of the turbulent events of the mid nineteenth century.

Jacqueline Lewind and Marilyn Taylor have written On the Winds of Destiny: A Biographical Look at Pony Express Riders, which contains photographs and biographies of 61 Riders, 3 Founders, 1 Superintendent, and 4 Division Superintendents. This is one of the most complete books of its type.

Orphans Preferred, the Twisted Truth and Lasting Legend of the Pony Express by Christopher Corbett is one of the latest of these relating the history, legend and lore of this most remarkable venture. While Corbett covers all of the requisite areas of historical interest: the Founders, the Route, the Stations, the Riders, the Historical Significance, and the Financial Problems, he goes a step further by presenting the myriad collection of facts and fiction surrounding the Pony Express. To current historians who may not have access to primary source material, Corbett has done an exhaustive research. Often he presents all of the conflicting facts about one subject. Of particular interest to this reviewer, who has an extensive collection of books about the Pony Express, is Corbett’s research in to how many of the histories have been written including the accuracy of the facts and biases of the authors.

The Pony Express Trail: Yesterday and Today by William E. Hill is one of the most recent of a long line of books on the Pony Express, is an excellent reference to anyone interested in the Pony Express be they serious researchers, amateur or professional, or just arm chair explorers. Hill has written into one volume everything one needs to know to guide them through the legend and lore of this American icon.

Books found in the personal library of Tom Crews are marked with xp.

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book-adams Adams, Samuel Hopkins. The Pony Express. Spencer Press, Inc., Chicago, 1950. Great book on the history of the Pony Express. Indexed xp

book-adams-spanish Adams, Samuel Hopkins. El Pony Expres. Editorial Intercontinental, S. A., Mexico, 1957. This is a spanish language version of Adams' book listed above. xp

book-allen Allen, Merritt Parmelee. Joaquin Miller, Frontier Poet. Harper & Brothers Publishers, New York, 1932. xp

book-anderson-a Anderson, A. M., and Adolph Regli. Alec Majors. Wheeler Publishing Company, Chicago, 1953. The story of Alexander Majors and the Old West he knew and loved. xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

book-anderson Anderson, Peter. The Pony Express. Childrens Press, 1996. Examines the establishment of this innovative but short-lived mail delivery system and recounts anecdotes about it. Very well illustrated. xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

book-arnold Arnold, Oren. Marvels of the U.S. Mail. Abelard-Schuman, New York, 1964. This book for young people traces the exciting and often hazardous life of the postman from earliest times until the present day with only a brief mention of the Pony Express xp

book-ault Ault, Phil. Wires West- The Story of the Talking Wires. Dodd, Mead & Company, New York, 1974. Story of the building of the transcontinental telegraph system. Maps by Salem Tamer. xp

book-bailer Bailer, Darice. Wanted - A Few Bold Riders: A Story of the Pony Express. Soundprint, 1997. While visiting the Pony express exhibit at the National Postal Museum, Kevin travels back in time and becomes Warren Upson, a famous rider with a difficult route. xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

Bailer, Darice and Tom Antonishak (Illustrator). Way out West: Story of the Pony Express. Soundprint, 1996.

book-bailey Bailey, W.F. "The Pony Express." Golden West: True Stories of the Old West. Vol. 1, No. 1, November 1964. Published by Maverick Publications, Inc., Freeport, New York. Fairly complete account of the Pony Express. Seems to have a few factual errors, particularly with names. However, if accurate, provides one of the more complete list of the first eastbound riders. xp

book-banning Banning, Captain William And Banning, George Hugh. Six Horses. New York Century Co., 1930. A wonderful history told first hand by the actual drivers, those who knew them and their descendents. The shipping of the first coaches around the Horn and the development of the stage system. The adventures of the drivers, the tough, independent, and resilient men and women who drove the trails, and their handling of robbers, natural disasters andIndianss. A behind the scenes look at the real West before the railroad and decent roads. Including the Butterfield Stage Lines in New Mexico, the Pony Express, and famous men as Ben Holliday of the Overland Stage Line. Pictures of the drivers, coaches, maps of territories, illustrations of the equipment, early photos of the early drivers, stations, and developers of the first stage lines. xp

Barrett, Ivan J. Eph Hanks - Fearless Mormon Scout. Covenant Communications, Inc., 1990. This is a fictionalized account of the life of Ephram Hanks, who among other accomplishments was Station Keeper for Mountain Dale and Big Canyon Stations east of Salt Lake City. xp

Beck, Warren A. and Ynez D. Haase. Historical Atlas of the American West. University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, Oklahoma, 1992. xp

Beebe, Lucius and Charles Clegg. U.S. West, The Saga of Wells Fargo. E.P. Dutton & Co., Inc., New York, 1949. A colorful and splendid cavalcade of our country's past. xp

Beebe & Clegg. American West: A Pictorial Epic of a Continent. E. P. Dutton, New York, 1955. A wealth of rare pictures and vivid authoritative text, an epic of the American West. Portrays the Old West from the days of the first pioneers to the final passing of the frontier. Over 1,000 illustrations.

book-bensen-a Bensen, Joe. Pony Bob's Daring Ride, A Pony Express Adventure. Falcon Press, Helena, Montana, 1995. Illustrated by John Potter. This is the story of Pony Bob Haslam, the brave young man who made the longest and most daring ride in the history of the Pony Express. xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

book-bensen Bensen, Joe. Traveller's Guide to the Pony Express Trail. Falcon Press, 1995. The story of the Pony Express represents one of the most romantic chapters in the history of the American West. Author and photographer Joe Bensen describes every section of the trail from Missouri to California, and detailed maps and photographs complement the narrative. xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

Biggs, Donald. "The Pony Express: Creation of the Legend". Privately Printed, San Francisco, 1956. One of 500 copies printed by George L. Harding, Lawton Kennedy and Carl I. Wheat for the members of the Roxburghe-Zamorano & Sacramento Book Collectors Clubs. xp

book-bloss Bloss, Roy S. Pony Express: The Great Gamble. Howell-North, 1959. It was a well known fact that the completion of the transcontinental telegraph line would put an end to the Pony Express. Why, then, for such a short-lived enterprise were such tremendous sums expended? Informative popular history of the Pony Express, which despite its short existence has obtained a near mythical status in western lore. Described as a "fresh, unbiased approach to an emotion-packed historical episode." Some excellent illustrations. xp

Bloss, Roy S. Pony Express, Fact & Fiction. Contra Costa County Historical Society, Concord, California, 1991. xp

Bloss, Roy S. Thomas Bowdler's Elegy for the Pony Express, An Essay. 1996. xp

book-bradley-1918 Bradley, Glenn Danford. The Story of the Pony Express. A. C. McClurg & Co., Chicago, 1918. An Account of the Most Remarkable Mail Service Ever in Existence, and its Place in History. Considered by many to be one of the best pioneer treatments of the Pony Express, generally reliable, and with the advantage of proximity of the writer to eyewitnesses. No illustrations. Reprinted as the "official Centennial history" in 1960 by Waddell Smith, President, Pony Express Centennial Association and by James Stevenson, Publisher, in 2005[see below]. xp

book-bradley-1960 Bradley, Glenn D., and Raymond W. Settle (Smith, Waddell F., editor). The Story of the Pony Express. San Francisco, CA; Herperian House, 1960. Official 1960 Centennial Edition. Originally published in 1910, this book still remains the classic literature on that great western epic of travel and communication, the Pony Express. A number of photographs and illustrations have been added that were not in the original book. Included in this reprint is a piece published in 1959 in a journal by Raymond W. Settle titled, "The Pony Express, Heroic Effort - Tragic End." xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

book-bradley-2003 Bradley, Glenn Danford. The Story of the Pony Express. James Stevenson, Publisher, 2003. Tom Crews' research on the overland route of the Pony Express from Sacramento to Oakland and on to San Francisco, in the introduction to this classic book, provides an overview of a neglected part of the old Pony Express run. Bradley's story explains in a concise fashion the reasons why the Pony eEpress was such a vital link with the East at a time when Civil War was brewing. The efforts to provide mail and passenger service to the old West are interesting, and there are stirring accounts of the rider's exploits. xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

Brandt, Betty and Kathy Haubrich (Illustrator). Special Delivery. Lerner Publishing, 1988. xp

book-breihan Breihan, Carl W. Lawmen and Robbers. The Caxton Printers, Ltd., Caldwell, Idaho, 1986. Accounts of a number of names, both famous and infamous, that played glamorous and important part in the development of the west, including Captain Jack Slade. Illustrated with early photographs. xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

Bristow, J.T. The Overland Trail: Old Military Road and Pony Express Route in Its Relation to Atchison, Brown and Nemaha Counties in the 50's and 60's. Charles H. Browne, Horton, Kansas, 1937. These seven articles originally appeared in the Horton Headlight and were then reproduced in this small booklet.

book-brouwer Brouwer, Sigmund. Pony Express Christmas. Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Wheaton, Illinois, 2000. A young family on the prairie; a terrible snowstorm; an unexpected encounter with a Pony Express rider; a heartwarming Christmas story of faith and love. xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

Brown, Dee. "The Pony Express." American History Illustrated. The National Historical Society, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Vol. XI, Number 7, November 1976. xp

book-brown Brown, Mike W. and Beverly Gorny, Editors. Headed West, Historic Trails in Southwest Wyoming. Sweetwater County Joint Travel and Tourism Board, Wyoming, 1992. A very good work on the western trails through Wyoming and Westward during the 19th century, including the Pony Express and Overland Mail. xp

Buckeridge, J.O. Lincoln's Choice: The Repeating Rifle Which Cut Short The Civil War. Stackpole Co., Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 1956. The index has large listings for Christopher Miner Spencer and the Spencer seven shooter, in addition to smaller listings for Vesta Spencer and the Spencer Rifle Manufacturing Co. xp

Buehr, Walter. Sending the Word: The story of communication. G.P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1959. The author presents some of the heroes of communication: Johann Gutenberg, the creator of printing; Samuel Morse, inventor of the telegraph and others, as well as telling the story of man's communication with each other. xp

book-bulla Bulla, Clyde Robert. Riding the Pony Express. Crowell, New York, 1948. Dick's adventures at a way station for riders to change horses. xp

Buntline, Ned. Buffalo Bill, and His Adventures in the West. J.S. Ogilvie, New York, 1886. xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

book-burt Burt, Olive W. Young Wayfarers of the Early West. Hawthorn Books, Inc., New York, 1968. Includes the story of William F. Cody and the Pony Express. xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

book-burt-1975 Burt, Olive N. The Horse in America. The John Day Company, New York, 1975. Horses have been an important part of American history. Burt presents a total, in-depth picture of the role horses played in history and offers many exciting hightlights including the story of the Pony Express. xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

book-burton Burton, Richard F. The City of the Saints and Across the Rocky Mountains to California. Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1963. Burton's account of his journey overland from St. Joseph, Missouri, to Great Salt Lake, and on to Sacramento is one of the few first person accounts of the Pony Express stations that he visited on his journey. Of particular value is his "Emigrants Itinerary" in the Appendix, compiled from his diary, "showing the distances between camping-places, the several mail-stations where mules were changed, the hours of travel, the character of the roads." xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

book-burton-1 Burton, Sir Richard. The Look of the West 1860: Across the Plains to California. University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, 1963. This volume, which is drawn from The City of the Saints and Across the Rocky Mountains to California [see above], is devoted to Burton's account of his journey overland from St. Joseph, Missouri, to Great Salt Lake, and on to Sacramento. This one of the few first person accounts of the Pony Express stations that he visited on his journey. xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

book-butler Butler, J. Dean. The Pony Express. Oregon City Printing Company, 1928. A poem that attempts to detail some of the hardships met and overcome by the riders. xp

book-byers Byers, S.H.M. The Pony Express and Other Poems, New and Old. The Times Mirror Press, Los Angeles California, 1925. xp

book-carter1947 Carter, Kate B. Riders of the Pony Express. Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, 1947. xp

book-carter1960 Carter, Kate B. Utah and the Pony Express. Utah Printing Company, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1960. xp

Castlemon, Harry. The Pony Express Rider. The John C. Winston Co., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1898. xp

Chandler, Edna Walker. Pony Rider. Benefic Press, Chicago, 1966. This is a story about the Pony Express delivering the mail. It is designed for readers at the pre-primer level just learning new words. xp

Chandler, Dr. Robert J. "The Pony Express: 150 Years of Legend"; "Tightly Bound: Wells Fargo and the Pony Express"; and "Pony Express Route. The California Territorial Quarterly, Number 81, Spring 2010, Published by Bill and Penny Anderson, Paradise, California. This Collector's Edition celebrates the 150th Anniversary of the Pony Express with three major articles written by Wells Fargo Bank historian, Dr. Robert J. Chandler, who brings to light new data and reveals some major misconceptions about the history of the Pony Express. Copies of this Collector's Edition may be ordered from www.CaliforniaHistory.com.xp

book-chapman Chapman, Arthur. The Pony Express: The Record of a Romantic Adventure in Business. G.P. Putnam's Sons, New York, New York, 1932. Illustrated with contemporary prints & photos Pony Express. Contains interviews with Pony Express riders. xp

book-christie Christie's. The Edwards Collection of Western Express Covers. Christie, Manson & Woods International, Inc., New York, 1991. This auction catalogue contains Western Express and Pony Express covers, and is a rare and unique reference book. It provides a nice companion to Nathan and Boggs. xp >

book-christie-1990 Christie's. United States Covers and Confederate States Stamps and Covers. Christie, Manson & Woods International, Inc., New York, 1990. This auction catalogue contains several Pony Express covers, and is a rare and unique reference book. It provides a nice companion to Nathan and Boggs xp

Clampitt, John W. Echoes from the Rocky Mountains. Belford, Clarke & Co., Chicago 1889. Reminiscences and thrilling incidents of the romantic and golden age of the Great West, with a graphic account of its discovery, settlement and grand development. Elaborately illustrated. Chapter on the Pony Express is very good. xp

book-coburn Coburn, Jesse L. Letters of Gold. U.S. Philatelic Classics Society, Canton, Ohio, 1984 Hardcover. Recounts and illustrates the postal history of California and the historical background against which the story of the mails evolved. It begins with the Spanish period and ends with completion of the trans-continental railroad, an event which significantly changed the character of the west. Includes the Pony Express and the Ovrland Mails. xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

Cody, William F. Buffalo Bill: The Life of Hon. William F. Cody Known as Buffalo Bill The Famous Hunter, Scout, and Guide, An Autobiography. Foreword by Don Russell. University of Nebraska Press, 1978. xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

Coerr, Eleanor. Buffalo Bill & The Pony Express. Harper C. Child Books, 1995. (I Can Read Book, Juvenile, grades K-3). xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

book-collier Collier, Edmund. The Story of Buffalo Bill. Grosset & Dunlap, New York, 1952. Illustrated by Nicholas Eggenhofer. Includes a chapter on Cody's Pony Express days. xp

Coombs, Charles. Young Pony Express Rider. Grosset & Dunlap, New York, 1953. xp

book-corbett Corbett, Christopher. Orphans Preferred, The Twisted Truth and Lasting Legend of the Pony Express. Broadway Books, New York, 2003. The Pony Express is one of the most celebrated and enduring chapters in the history of the United States. It is a story of the all-American traits of bravery, bravado and entrepreneurial risk that are part of the very fabric of the Old West. No image of the American West in the mid-1800s is more familliar, more beloved, and more powerful than that of the lone rider galloping the mail across hostile Indian territory. No image is more revered. And none is less understood. xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

Cordes, Kathlene Ann. America's National Historic Trails. University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, Oklahoma, 1999. Photographs by Jane Lammers. Provides a vivid history of America's twelve national historic trails (including the Pony Express National Historic Trail), a listing of points of interest, and helpful touring information. xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

Dadey, Debbie. Buffalo Bill & the Pony Express. Disney Press, 1994. (Disney's American Frontier Series, Juvenile, grades K-3). xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

Dary, David. Entrepreneurs of the Old West. University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1986. xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

DiCerto, Joseph J. Pony Express: Hoof beats in the Wilderness. Watts, 1989. (Juvenile, grades 3-5). xp

book-dicerto DiCerto, Joseph J. The Saga of the Pony Express. Mountain Press Publishing Company, Missoula, Montana, 2002. This is the latest book relating the history, legend and lore of this most remarkable venture. Di Certo covers all of the requisite areas of historical interest: the Founders, the Route, the Stations, the Riders, the Historical Significance, and the Financial Problems. He has taken steps beyond just a recitation of known facts and fiction and has gone to great lengths to place the Pony Express within the historical context of the turbulent events of the mid nineteenth century. xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

Dimmock, F. Haydn. Pat of the Pony Express. C. Arthur Pearson, Ltd., London, 1931. xp

Dixon, Rex. Pocomoto Pony Express Rider. Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd, 1953. Illustrated by Jack Harman. xp

book-dolan Dolan, Mary M. Bill of the Pony Express. Webster Division, McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York, 1967. Illustrated by Marie Wabbes from a text by Marion Clark. The story of a young boy, Bill Cody, in the Wild West. Bill started working as a guard for a stage coach line when he was 10 and was hired as a Pony Express rider at 14. Includes a map of the Pony Express route on the front endpages and photos of ads and letters carried by the Pony Express on the back end pages. xp A>

Dolan, T. M. Guns of the Pony Express. Ulverscrof, 1997. xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

book-driggs-1935 Driggs, Howard. The Pony Express Goes Through. J.B. Lippincott Co, New York, New York, 1963. Illustrated by William H. Jackson. It was a grave question whether a fast mail service could be maintained through summer and winter over the difficult route. The venture netted, during its history of sixteen months, a loss of fully $200,000 to its promoters. xp

book-driggs-1960 Driggs, Howard R. Money Rock. A Drama of the Pony Express. American Pioneer Trails Association, Bayside, Long Island, 1960 xp

book-driggs-1956 Driggs, Howard R. The Old West Speaks. Bonanza Books, New York, 1956. Words of the Trappers, Hunters, Fighters and Explorers who Forged a Nation Out of the Wilderness. Recorded by an Historian Who Knew Many of These Men Personally. Color plates by William Henry Jackson. xp

Dubois, Gaylord. The Pony Express. Artist & Writers Guild, Inc., Grosset & Dunlap, New York, 1944. xp

Durkee, Caroline Cain. Willie Whitewater. Burton, Kansas City, 1950. Includes a map of the Pony Express route. The story of W. R. Honnell's life and adventures among the Indians as he grew up with the State of Kansas. xp

Egan, Ferol. Sand in a Whirlwind: The Paiute Indian War 1860. University of Nevada Press, 1985. xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

book-egan Egan, Howard. Pioneering the West. Howard Egan Estate, Richmond, Utah, 1917. Thrilling Experiences of Pre-Frontier Life Among Indians; Their Traits, Civil and Savage, including excellent first hand accounts of one of the major figures of the Pony Express. xp
image xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

Eligibility/Feasibility Study and Environmental Assessment for the National Historic Trail Authorization, California and Pony Express Trails. U. S. Department of the Interior/ National Park Service, 1987. xp

book-ellenbecker.jpg - 2642 Bytes Ellenbecker, John G. The Pony Express. Eight page pamphlet first published in 1937 and reprinted in 1969 by Raymond I. Ellenbecker. A very information document describing the Origin and Organization of the Pony Express; the Equipments, Riders, and Mail; Examples of Endurance; Location of Route; List of Riders. xp

Ellis, Edward S. The Pony Express Rider. Cassel, London. No date given but Ellis wrote in the late 1800's and very early 1900's. This is a rousing adventure story by an author who not only was an exhaustive researcher but who sought out people who lived of what he wrote. There are a number of personal anecdotes. xp

Ellis, Edward S. Alden Among the Indians: Search for the Missing Pony Express Rider. John C. Winston Co., Philadelphia, 1909. A Dime Novel, this book is the second in the Overland Series. The first book is Alden The Pony Express Rider (see above). The stories are of adventures with Indians and wild animals which were daily incidents in the lives of the Pony Express Riders on the Old California Trail. Illustrated by Edwin J. Prittie. xp

Ellis, Jerry. Bareback! One Man's Journey Along the Pony Express Trail. Delacorte Press, New York, 1993. A history of the Pony Express combined with the author's experience riding the PonyExpress trail from St. Joseph to San Francisco. xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

book-ellsworth Ellsworth, Lois Miller. Tales of Broncho Charlie, Youngest Rider of the Pony Express. Hollis Books, Alexandria, Virginia, 1999. An inspirational, humorous account of this real-life hero of the Old West. Told in Bronco Charlie's own unique words. xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

Erskine, Gladys Shaw. Broncho Charlie: A Saga of the Saddle. Thomas Y. Crowell, New York, 1934. The life story of Broncho Charlie Miller, the last of the Pony Express riders. xp

Estes, Allison. Pony Express, Vol. 10. Pocket Books, 1997. xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

book-eugene Eugene, Toni, Managing Editor. Great American Journeys. National Geographic Society, 1989. Four authors cover the delights of travel: By Horse and by Foot; Travels Afloat; Rails West; and Hitting the Roads. Some good material on the Pony Express. xp

book-fauche Fauche, X. and J. Leturgie. Lucky Luke Le Pony Express. Darguard, Paris, 1988. Illustrated by Morris. French addition. xp

Fike, Richard E. and John W. Headley. The Pony Express Stations of Utah in Historical Perspective. Bureau of Land Management, Utah, 1979. xp

Findley, Rowe. A Buckaroo Stew of Fact and Legend: The Pony Express. National Geographic, Vol. 158, No. 1. National Geographic Society, Washington, D. C., July 1980. xp

book-fleming Fleming, Alice. Highways into History. St. Martin's Press, New York, 1971. Filled with little-known anecdotes and facts about the history of America, illustrated with photos and maps, this book narrates the colorful stories behind ten roads and trails that were the foundation of today's United States. Of particular interest are the Boston Post Road and the Route of the Pony Express. xp

book-floyd Floyd, William Harris. Phantom Riders of the Pony Express. Dorrance, Philadelphia, 1958. A history of this short-lived institution of the Old West. Included is a brief biographical outline of all the known riders. xp

book-fontes Fontes, Ron and Justine Korman. Wild Bill Hickok and the Rebel Raiders. Disney Press, New York, 1993. This action packed historical novel brings to life the exciting legend of a man whose name is synonymous with the Old West. xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

book-forman. Forman, Henry James. The Pony Express. Grossett & Dunlap, New York, New York, 1925. A Mighty Romance of the Gallant Post Riders of the Western Frontier a true RIP-ROARING tale of the west that never was. Several photos taken from the movie illustrate the narrative. xp

book-fradkin Fradkin, Philip L. Stagecoach: Wells Fargo and the American West. Free Press, New York, 2003. This is the epic story of Wells Fargo and the American West: the California Gold Rush, the transcontinental railroad, the Civil War, and the Indian wars. There is quit a bit of material on Wells Fargo and the Pony Express. xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

book-frajola-a Frajola, Richard A. California Postal History: Public Auction December 14, 1985. Richard C. Frajola, Inc., Danbury, Conneticut, 1985. Catalogue for a Public Auction of the property of a prominent collector. Great illustrations and history of Pony Express covers. xp

book-frajola Frajola, Richard. "Private Mails in the American West". Monograph, 2001. Very good treatment of early private mail systems, including the Pony Express, from a philatelist's point of view. xp

book-frajola-b Frajola, Richard C., George J. Kramer, and Steven C. Walske. The Pony Express: A Postal History. The Philatelic Foundation, New York, 2005. This book should be of interest to students of the Pony Express as well as to postal historians. Includes: Photo census of the 250 known Pony Express covers; List of all Pony Express trips with departure and arrival dates: Postal history including an examination of the markings and usages;Operational phases and rate periods accurately delineated for the first time; Historical perspective on the management of the Pony Express; Detailed route maps. A truly beautiful volume. xp

Franzwa, Gregory M. The Oregon Trail Revisited . Patrice Press, Inc., St. Louis, Missouri, 1978. The story of the old Oregon Trail, as it was in its heyday and as it is today--a faint trace etched on the prairies and in the mountains, recalling the fading doctrine of Manifest Destiny. 140 illustrations, map. xp

book-gamett Gamett, James and Stanley W. Paher. Nevada Post Offices, An Illustrated History. Nevada Publications, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1983. Good treatment of early express services in Nevada. xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

book-gamett Gamett, James. Nevada Express, Wells, Fargo & Co. and Other Letter Expresses, 1857-1895. Leonard H. Hartmann, Philatelic Bibliopole, Louisville, Kentucky, 2002. A very complete work on express services in Nevada including the Central Overland Pony Express of 1860-61, as well as a number of other pony express type operations in Nevada. xp

book-geiger Geiger, Maynard. The Franciscan "Pony Express" of California in 1803. Whitney T. Genns, Santa Barbara, 1972. This is the account of the death of Father Lasuen, second president of the California missions, in June 1803, and of the subsequent notification of the padres thoughout California by horse messenger.Included in this booklet is a table of places, distances, and times for the ride, as well as, a reproduction of the actual document carried. xp

Geis, Jacqueline. The First Ride: Blazing the Trail for the Pony Express. Hableton Hill, 1994. Tracing the first westbound journey of the Pony Express from rider to rider across two thousand miles of rough country, a historically accurate documentation includes original artwork and maps. xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

Gilman, Musetta. Pump on the Prairie: A Chronicle of a Road Ranch 1859-1868. Harlo Press, Detroit, Michigan, 1972. After gold was discovered in Colorado a series of road ranches were established along the portion of the Oregon-California trail between Fort Kearney and Julesburg, Colorado. The Gilman ranch became a trading post for Indians and Pilgrims, a Pony Express Station, a Holladay Stage Station and an army post during the Indian War of 1864. They also provided services, supplies, and protection for those travellers on the trail. Contains a list of road ranches, bibliography, and index. xp

Glass, Andrew. The Sweetwater Run: The Story of Buffalo Bill Cody & the Pony Express. Delacorte Press, 1996. xp amzn-buy.gif - 1131 Bytes

Godfrey, Anthony. Historic Resource Study: Pony Express National Historic Trail. United States Department of the Interior/ National Park Service, 1994. xp

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