Pony Express Stations

To maintain the rigid schedule, 157 relay stations were located from 5 to 20 miles apart. At each Swing Station riders would exchange their tired mounts for fresh ones, while Home Stations housed the riders between runs. This technique allowed the mail to be whisked across the continent in record time. Each rider rode about 75 miles per day.

The Pony Express route varied locally during the 19-1/2 months of operation. Not all of the stations listed below were used all of the time. Some were either substituted or added at various times.

The stations are listed generally from west to east.

Here is a link to photographs of Pony Express Monuments.

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California Stations California Stations
Nevada Stations Nevada Stations
Utah Stations Utah Stations
Wyoming Stations Wyoming Stations
Colorado Stations Colorado Stations
Nebraska Stations Nebraska Stations
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