Statues Along the Trail

A number of statues and monuments commemorating the Pony Express in history can be found along the trail. All of these statues are a comment on a very important time in the history of our nation. While those of us who are familiar with our nation's developmental history, as well as that of the Pony Express, may be able to identify some flaws on these statues (i.e., the type of gun depicted, the stirrups on the saddle, even the style of the saddle itself), the important thing to remember is the spirit of the statue and the Pony Express.

Statues may be found in California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, and Missouri.

Reno Hilton
Carson City
State Line
Carson City
Salt Lake City

Pony Express Monument in Casper, Wyoming
statue-North Kansas City
North Kansas City
St. Joseph

Sidney Pony Express Monument